Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cakes, Cakes, CAKES!

Alright, It has been a crazy month! I was definately busy making some cakes!

Strawberry Shortcake!! This one was so much fun to make.. I have decided little girls cakes are by far the most fun!


Alright.. this cake was a disaster in the making!!!! Let me just say, I was up until 4 am making this beast. I guess starting the night before at 8 isn't such a good idea.. especially when you get this crazy idea to make the cakes checkerboard!!! OH BOY!! I about gave up 5 times with this one, but I stuck with it, and MUCH TO MY SUPRISE it turned out to be my favorite one so far!See what you can do with a little bit of effort? I made it for my Ward. I think that the cake pops were actually a bigger hit though! :) Once again.. THANK YOU LANCE for staying up with me and calming me down when the cake was collapsing!

STAR WARS CAKE!! This one was just kind of a last minute thing.. My little nephew is HILLARIOUS and loves Star Wars! So, he thought this cake of people fighting on "Hot Lava" was awesome.. He is showing his classic Darth Vadar face!


Another super hero cake! It was so cute seeing the little boys face when he saw it!

CAMO CAKE!! This was for an avid hunter. I have to give credit to Lance for making the deer head. He is awesome!!

GO JAZZ!!! This cake is appropriate during the playoffs!


  1. anne your cakes could not be cooler. i'd be fat fat fat if we lived in the same town because i'd pay you to make me a cake a day.

  2. Those are awesome. You should post some of your frosting and cake recipes.

  3. Dude, you are amazing! that checkerboard cake is so cool!