Monday, January 4, 2010


Don't worry everyone! No more horrible phone pictures!! I finally got a great camera thanks to my sweet husband!! But, until I make a new cake to take pictures of, a few more crappy ones will have to do!!

This cake was monstrous!!! It honestly was huge. The sad thing is, I don't have a big picture of it... but you can get the idea I guess.. It was an over the hill cake, so I made a graveyard with head stones. It turned out really cute I thought..

(Squint to see it)

Ok. LAST CRAPPY PICTURE!!! I am so sad about this one but I have to post it. I think it's one of my favorites. It was an Ivory fondant color with rolled fondant roses. It was so pretty! But of course I didn't capture it. I didn't think I would ever need pictures of my cakes until the day I decided to start a blog.. Anywho, I included a close up of some rolled roses so you can get an idea. I think they are so pretty!

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